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Cialis Pros And Cons

Taking Cialis as treatment for erectile dysfunction could also be a double-edged sword specially to those who are incompatible with the drug. Like every drug it has its pros and cons. Since Cialis is a prescription drug consulting a physician or doctor is the best way to know whether you are suited to take this drug.

Cialis is a phosphodiesterase type 5 or PDE5 inhibitor. It blocks PDE5 enzymes which has degrading properties that could affect erection by weakening the smooth muscle cells and blood vessels of the penis and its surrounding areas of the body.

It earned the title “weekend drug” for its long effects that could last for thirty six hours. The drug has also a higher reaction rate compared with other medications for erectile dysfunction.

Pros of Cialis
Long Effectiveness

The effects of Cialis could be felt the moment you have an erection because of its reaction with nitrate components present when there is arousal in the penis. The effects of this drug remains for as long as 36 hours. For this reason it was recommended as a once-daily only drug. Taking the drugs at least 4 hours before sexual activity increases its effectiveness.

Could be taken anytime

A person could take or swallow the pill with or without food in his stomach. Whether you have eaten already or is yet to eat a meal Cialis is safe to take in and its effectiveness won’t be affected by such conditions.

Guaranteed strong and fast erection

After taking the pill and having an arousal Cialis ensures a fast reaction, as fast as 16 minutes after intake, and a strong erection which is necessary during sexual intercourse. People who have tried the medication are satisfied with the effects of strong erection and the vigor they receive from the drug. The erection lasts only for the time you needed to finish your sexual activity. It does not cause prolonged or hours of erection like other drugs in the market.

Good Reviews

Cialis has been getting positive reviews from medical experts, researchers and people who have tried it. According to several studies Cialis is the best product out there when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.

Cons of Cialis
Side effects

There are several side effects that the drug could inhibit when taken like muscle pains specially in the chest and back areas, headache, dizziness and reddening or warmth in the user’s face, neck and chest.

Incompatibility with the drug could also cause painful penile erection, irregular heartbeat, chest pains which could spread to the arms and shoulders and painful penile erection. When suffering these symptoms consult a doctor for immediate treatment.


When compared with the price of its nearest competitors, the price of a pack of ten of Cialis is about $10- 20 higher than other erectile dysfunction drugs. This applies to both branded and generic brands.

Restrictions and Inability to be taken with specific drugs

Other medications that treats erectile dysfunction should not be taken with this drug.. Organic nitrates are also advised to be taken only after 48 hours after the intake of the medication as they could increase the risk of hypotension.

While taking the drug drinking should be avoided as well as grapefruits and its by-products for they could trigger some of its side effects. Alcohol intake should also be moderated while on this medication.