What Is Generic Cialis

Cialis is a prescription drug that treats erectile dysfunction for men by blocking harmful enzymes and promoting muscle relaxation and the proper blood flow in the male genitals. It has a longer effectiveness and faster reaction than any of the medicines that also treats erectile problems.

However, like all medicines Ciali comes in two groups; the branded and the generic with the latter being cheaper. Both are made of the same process and materials.

The main difference between the two aside from the price is that branded names are patented mainly by pharmaceutical companies who researched them. This allows them to have the sole right of the product and thus other companies are restricted to copy the product.

When the drug enters the public domain manufacturers could coy the product but are not allowed to have the same brand name used by the original. They are only allowed to sell them as generic versions.

Why are generic drugs cheaper?

Generic Drugs does not have brand names which costs three times as that of the generic name. Brand names invests on their research and development as the original manufacturer of the drug. Branded products are also involve in advertising the product. Generic drugs does not have to deal with these two factors making them cheaper.

Another factor that contributes to the cheaper price of generics is the competition among pharmaceutical companies. Having more manufacturers especially competing companies tend to lower their prices. This goes for generic brands too.

Are their ingredients the same?

The ingredients of the generic and branded drugs are chemically the same as required by the Food and Drugs Administration. A slight difference may come in packaging and on the new manufacturer's choice of fillers or additives. It could differ on its shape or the system of taking it like whether it is a tablet or a pill.

When should I purchase generic?

When a doctor gives a prescription of a branded drug replacing them with it's generic counterpart does not take away the treatment of the drug. Buying generic drugs all depends on the consumer especially if he is on a strict financial situation. Pharmacists on drug stores are able to recommend to a buyer the generic name of a branded medicine. But, not all branded medicines have generic equivalents.

However, when the doctor's prescription specify that the branded drug not to be substituted it is advisable to follow such order.

Some considerations when buying generics

When buying generics one must be aware that they did not undergo the same studies as the branded medicines does. As such generic drugs are unable to express their efficacy, side effects and some safety precautions as branded names do.

There are also discrepancy between the performance of the two mainly because of the different additives they get. If you are able to find out a problem or lack of efficacy of a generic brand you could try its other versions.

If you have decided to buy discount generic Cialis take these things into consideration. Generics and branded names at most should yield the same effects and results.