Here at Sublime health & Fitness, it’s not about smashing yourself in the gym for hours each day, it’s all about managing your health and fitness in a smart way, understanding your individual body’s needs and making those necessary lifestyle changes that will enable you to maintain your new self.

With extensive experience in Military physical training, sports specific conditioning, and weight loss education, I have launched Sublime Health & Fitness to combine all these skills and knowledge into the one service to help others achieve their own goals. My aim is to provide clients with the tools, knowledge and resources to reduce body fat, increase overall health and fitness level, and maintain their health in the long term.

For many people, taking that first step of approaching a Personal Trainer can be a daunting, expensive experience. At Sublime Health & Fitness however, I stand to offer the highest quality training at affordable rates that can suit all budgets. I include discount rates for pensioners and students, so even those on strict budgets can get a high standard of training without the price tag.

Reduce your shopping bill following some of my simple healthy recipes to help reduce that waistline. As part of the programs I set, I offer extensive nutrition analysis and guidelines to make sure you are given every opportunity to achieve the results you desire though renewed nutrition plans. I educate you on how to select and consume the right foods according to your individual requirements, taking into account your daily activity and exercise levels.

Daily exercise is an important aspect in staying fit and healthy, but this doesn’s mean smashing yourself in the gym for an hour every day! I will guide you through simple Weights and cardio programs that are suited to your individual needs so you will gain maximum results with minimal effort. not only will you gain awesome results during your one-on-one training, I will provide you with a complete training program that you can also complete in your own time, specifically designed towards your personal goals.

Outdoor group classes include boxercise, cross-training and basic running groups suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Each class is self-paced so you can train at your own level. The classes are run at convenient times of the day to fit in with your daily schedule.

HealthTipsBook | Losing Belly Fat

 Losing belly fat is not as difficult as thought by many people. It demands a systematic and committed effort. With regular exercise, correct eating habits, consistent efforts, and some amount of patience, a well toned mid section can be achieved by men and women of all age groups.

Start by first analyzing your existing state. What is the main cause for your need behind losing belly fat? Is it your sedentary lifestyle? Is it due to lethargy or inactivity on one’s part? Is it the result of wrong eating habits? Or is it because of a fused cause of all these factors?

Whatever might the reason be, it is important to identify the primary among them. Ask your friends, colleagues and family for help – you will be amazed at the habits you have been harboring unnoticed by yourself.

Your first step towards losing belly fat is exercising. It shall not only rid you of your much disliked belly fat, if any, but it will also provide you with great health benefits. Exercising puts the body at endurance levels that are not demanded of it from daily living. Due to this, our body starts to shed all the reserved fat that stored for use at such a time. Exercising helps improve blood circulation, control blood pressure and help maintain healthy and stronger bones.

Harmful toxins are released from the body and they are cleansed, which results in an overall improvement of your health condition. Make yourself a comprehensive goal instead of just trying to target losing belly fat. Consult an expert for advice on types of exercises you can perform as per your age and physical strength. Even under expert guidance, there is a small chance that you might do exercises beyond your capacity. This can cause detrimental effects on your health instead of being helpful. Exercise regularly at least four times a week for 30 to 45 minutes duration. Do not skip your routine as regularity is of primal importance while targeting losing belly fat.

Secondly, eat right. One of the major reasons people find it tough while losing belly fat is their inability to stick to their diet. Eating healthy is a habit that should be cultivated for a lifetime and it is never too late to start. If deciding what to eat and what not is a difficult task for you, consult a dietician. Aim at deriving nutritional benefits from whatever food you eat. Stay away from your cravings, at least till the time you have succeeded in achieving the mammoth task of losing belly fat. You can treat yourself to a low fat dessert once you have achieved a certain targeted, but just never too frequently.

Finally, approach the problem of losing belly fat with a focused mind. Tempt yourself with rewards like new clothes or a trip to the beach with friends with the new you! Whatever makes it work, perseverance is the bottom line. Stick to your regime. Stave off any temptations or hindrances that might cross your way of you losing belly fat.

Once you have achieved losing belly fat, don’t think the task is done. Yes, you have passed the tough test but keep continuing your efforts to maintain the form you have achieved to keep reaping the benefits of a healthier fitter you.

Glaucoma Drugs | Glaucoma Medications | Glaucoma Medication

Taking any sort of glaucoma drug carries with a number of risks and side effects depending on a particular medication and the dosage. For most people, taking glaucoma medications represents an attractive alternative to more expensive and serious surgeries. There’s also a certain limit to which glaucoma drugs can reduce intraocular pressure, after which additional treatment for this illness may be necessary.

African Americans have the most difficult time utilizing glaucoma drugs because they have very thick irises and so they will traditionally be prescribed much larger dosages than Caucasians or Asians.

Keep in mind that simply ignoring your glaucoma symptoms or pressure in the eye can cause very serious problems and may restrict long-term vision so in most instances eye drops are much more appealing than the alternatives.

Before we get into how to use glaucoma eye drops, is a good idea to discuss the future of glaucoma medications. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly creating new medications with a large degree of promise, although many are still in the experimental stage. The main goal is to create a series of glaucoma drugs with reduced side effects due to the buildup and resistance to medication and the discomfort that may occur.

Marijuana has also been utilized in order to reduce intraocular pressure, and in some states and countries it is legal to use this glaucoma drug in order to improve the state of the eye.

So how do you use glaucoma eye drops properly? Some doctors may not properly instruct you on how to use these glaucoma medications, but the simplest way to do it is to use a process where you put your index finger over your tear duct and hold it for about 5 minutes after placing the drops in your eye.

The effectiveness of this glaucoma treatment technique is that the medication will stay in the eye as opposed to bleeding out to your tear duct. The eye drops themselves are in much greater quantity than the amount of fluid that the entire eye can hold, so it is a good idea not to overdose on the eye drops.

Any excess glaucoma medication will be absorbed by the body which can cause a number of adverse side effects, especially when dealing with drugs such as beta blockers or neuropenephrine. Remember that it is usually best to use a lower dosage recommended by a doctor. You can always up the glaucoma medication if it does not have the desired effect.

If glaucoma eye drops are not sufficient to control intraocular pressure, further glaucoma treatment will be necessary, necessitating manual surgery or laser treatment options. For most like cases of intraocular pressure eye drops will be sufficient, especially if you catch these problems early on when you feel eye pressure start to build, as opposed to when it becomes extremely painful.

So be sure to see your eye doctor about k in order to greatly reduce the need for future treatment options and to protect your vision from the adverse side effects that are indicative of glaucoma symptoms.


Braintree Roadmap for Meaningful Use

Braintree’s clients can meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 goals and qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Braintree’s EHR is an ONC-ACB certified complete EHR for Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation.Our integrated, ONC 2014 Edition certified EHR and strategic services have helped providers treceive incentive payments for quality reporting initiatives including Meaningful Use, PQRS, and e-Prescribing.Braintree offers a Meaningful Use certified EHR with all the functionalities required tachieve Meaningful Use Stage 2, including all implementation & training. As a part of our regulatory compliance services, a subject matter expert will guide you through the complexities of Meaningful Use Stage 2. Working with you, our trainer will perform a detailed gap analysis of your practice’s current operations against all Meaningful Use objectives, evaluate your reporting requirements and help you create an attestation strategy.

  • We provide an easy tuse, Meaningful Use Dashboard that you can use ttrack your progress on all Stage 2 Core and Menu measures.
  • Braintree’s integrated solutions are designed thelp providers earn money from all incentive programs.
  • There is nadditional cost for implementation of Braintree modules tmeet meaningful use objectives and measures.
  • Complete detail of Ambulatory certification is “.
  • Complete detail of Inpatient certification is “.
  • Limitations detail can be found “

Cost and Coverage

Cost and coverage. These are THE two issues being discussed at the private, state and federal levels especially now
during the President’s push for reform. How to reduce expenses and insure everyone. Even the move to improve quality is also
an attempt to reduce costs. And this is the reason all of the efforts so far have not met expectations. Just as the issue
that brings a patient to the doctor, for example chest pain, is only a symptom of an underlying disease so too cost is only
a symptom of an underlying problem. Should a doctor treat a symptom without first determining which of the many possible underlying
diseases could be the cause, the results are disastrous and lead to more problems which of course would require more treatment
which would lead to yet more problems. This same sequence of events is evident in health care today. HMO, PPO, DRG, MSA. Managed
care and capitation, lower fees high utilization. Now we need preauthorization. Not to mention malpractice legislation. No
wonder some want nationalization. All because cost is not the problem.  It is only a symptom.

The struggle of the Affordable Care Act: How far it has come.

“Often cited as “Obamacare” and the “Accessible Care Act”, the Affordable Care Act legislation has had a rocky journey since its introduction on March 23rd 2010.

The legislation proposed to give access to medical insurance for millions of Americans. This was welcome news, especially in states like Texas.

In Texas 25% of residents in are without health insurance. This is the largest uninsured state in the nation. Whether you suffer from” or problems with””  or some of the other many common health problems that North Americans face, there is a quarter of a chance that if in Texas, one could find themselves without medical coverage. And as we all know the medical bills to be paid without aid or medical insurance are not cheap and often put every day people into spiraling debt.

Therefore one would think that this kind of reform that the “Affordable Care Act” proposes would have been universally accepted in the U.S. congress? Unfortunately this was not the case.

The act proposed to

  • expand Medicaid
  •  give federal subsidies to the lower and middle class to buy private insurance
  • prohibit insurance companies denying coverage on pre-existing conditions

The act, it was estimated, would cost the United States $1,168 billion dollars.

The main opponents to the legislation were the Republicans. The most loyal opponents to nationalized healthcare in North American history pushed the legislation into the Supreme Court. In 2011 the Supreme Court agreed to hear what their challenge was against the act.

The challenge was questioning the Congresses Constitutional power to penalize citizens for not purchasing health insurance.

However the Affordable Care Act pushed through and in June 2012 the Supreme Court let this legislation stand, however there were a few repercussions of the Republicans appeal.  One is that not all states will be required to expand their Medicaid system, but at the same time they will not suffer from the financial penalties of not doing so.

The Affordable Care Act is meant to come into action in 2014. At this stage, according to the current timeline for the Act, eligibility to register for Medicaid will be expanded.

The Affordable Health Act has suffered some set back along the way, and it would be fair to guess that more are to come. One of the main problems is that this legislation seems to suffer from is that it applies a law on national level. Some critics argue that it does not fit into the federal frame work that governs the fifty states.  However to make healthcare accessible for all citizens of the United States a healthcare change needs to be applied nationally to make it fair and equal. So it will not matter whether you are from Texas or New York State. Everyone will have access to affordable healthcare insurance.

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Drug Uses

Kenalog is used for the treatment of common mouth ulcers.

How Taken

Use just enough to thinly cover your mouth ulcers. It is best to use the product at bedtime. However, if required, it can also be applied a further two to three times during the day. Do not apply more than four times in 24 hours.


Do not eat or drink immediately after applying Kenalog. If you are pregnant, may become pregnant or are breast feeding, you should speak to your doctor before using this product.

Missed Dose

If you miss an application, apply it as soon as possible.

Possible Side Effects

After you use this medicine for a prolonged period of time there is the possibility of absorption into the body. This may cause side effects, particularly in infants and children or if the product is used under false teeth. If you notice any irritation or other side-effect which you think may be as a result of using this product, stop treatment and consult with your doctor.


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store above 30В°C. Do not store near a radiator, on a window sill or in the bathroom. Make sure the cap is tightly closed after use.


Seek emergency medical attention if an overdose is suspected.

More Information

Do not use for more than 5 days. If you still have symptoms after this time, go and see your doctor or dentist.


This drug information is for your information purposes only, it is not intended that this information covers all uses, directions, drug interactions, precautions, or adverse effects of your medication. This is only general information, and should not be relied on for any purpose. It should not be construed as containing specific instructions for any particular patient. We disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of this information, and/or any consequences arising from the use of this information, including damage or adverse consequences to persons or property, however such damages or consequences arise. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made in regards to this information.

AAA Medical Personnel – Danbury Location


Danbury Locations Directions

From the East


> Take I84 West
> Take Exit 6 (Route 37) stay in left lane
> At end of the ramp that is a 3-way traffic light,
> Our office is in the complex directly across from the light.

From the West


> Take I84 east
> Take Exit 5 (Route 37)
> Travel straight for 1.5 miles to stop light at Exit 6
> Take left into complex at that light

From the South (195)


> Take I95
> Take Route 7 North
> Take I84 East
> Take Exit 5 stay in left lane
> Travel straight for 1.5 miles to stop light at Exit 6
> Take left into complex at that light

From the North


> Take Route 7 South
> Take I84 West
> Take Exit 6 (Route 37)
> At end of the ramp that is a 3-way traffic light,
> Our office is in the complex directly across from the light.


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