Many Men are Putting Their Long Term Health at Risk by Ignoring Medical Symptoms

Not only do the majority of men appear to ignore the need for income protection and critical illness cover, it now appears that many take the emu approach when it comes to their health as well.

New research has highlighted the attitude of UK men towards their health by revealing that 18 million have chosen to ignore medical symptoms over the last year. Coming in the wake of research commissioned by Scottish Provident showing critical illness cover is only taken out by one in five people, the findings highlight how many individuals are jeopardising the financial futures of their dependants.

According to the research, 44 per cent of men do not check themselves for cancerous signs such as lumps and moles, while more than a third (34 per cent) does not know how to check for testicular cancer. “By ignoring symptoms and not visiting their doctor men could be leaving themselves vulnerable to future health problems,” said Mark Jones, head of protection at Friends Provident.

“We are encouraging men to take more care of themselves by being aware of their health now to secure their long term health.” Because illnesses can strike at any time, taking out critical illness insurance is especially vital, according to according to Richard Jones of Scottish Widows, who recently stated that people need to be made aware of the benefits of cover.

Where can find out more about protection insurance?
There are now many online life insurance and protection insurance comparison websites that have detailed information on the latest insurance products. Many explain the difference between the different policies to point you in the right direction.

If you find this all too complicated but still feel you have a need for protection advice you can speak to an independent financial advisor. Most independent financial advisors will offer a fee free advice basis though most will do this if they receive commission from the insurance provider.

It is important to remember that most bank or building society financial advisors are not independent this means that they can advise you on the best type of policy for your needs but they do not offer polices from the whole of the market. Instead they will typically be tied to one insurance company for their advice or at best they will have a selection of three or four providers.

If you are happy with the advice but not happy with the premium there are many online price comparison sites that will allow you to obtain discounted premium quotes on protection policies. Many of these works by reducing the amount of commission they receive from the insurance company for setting up your policy which reduces the monthly premiums you pay.

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