Herbal vaginal tablets that can make your vagina tight and desirable just like a virgin's even after childbirth are Aabab tablets. These tablets are s

Ayurved Research Foundation (India), the global market leader in herbal wellness and fitness supplements has formulated Aabab tablets – a revolutionary vagina tightening therapy that enhances vaginal elastic musculature so that it naturally contracts and returns to its normal shape and size both after childbirth as well as sexual intercourse. This supplement enables women to carry out the appropriate prevention and treatment of problems such as low fertility, less desire for sex, inability to reach orgasms, dryness in the area, toxic shock syndrome (life-threatening bacterial infection resulting from using superabsorbent tampons and napkins), yeast infection, unnatural discharge, unpleasant odour, swelling; genital pain during, before or after sex (dyspareunia) etc. Strong vaginal supporting ligaments and tissues are indispensable to prevent incidents of genital and reproductive organ discomfort, distortion or prolapse even after childbirth.

Aabab tablets are definitely the befitting answer to many questions such as how to tighten the muscles of vagina, how to feel like a virgin after childbirth or those pertaining to vaginal laxity hindering procreation, sexual satisfaction or overall health.

Childbirth itself does not loosen a woman’s vagina; however, multiple childbirths may affect a woman’s vaginal musculature. Following childbirth it takes nearly six months for the vagina to resume its original state. Age is definitely a deciding factor for how tight one’s vagina feels. With aging and after menopause estrogen levels significantly reduce so the vaginal walls and muscles become less elastic and thinner (vaginal atrophy), losing their tautness in the process. Off course, abstinence from unprotected sex to prevent contracting a sexually transmitted infection or aggressive / forceful sex to avoid pelvic injury or trauma or excessive masturbation or prevention of Sjogren’s syndrome (an autoimmune disorder) can offer safe, positive and long-term pelvic health management.

For post-natal recovery you should sit straight facing your partner or friend and separate your legs, slowly widening the distance between them as far as you can go making sure the backs (heels) of your legs rest firmly on the floor. Inhale, raise the arms up and straighten the spine. Exhale, extend forward and let your partner hold your arms and pull you forward. This exercise is excellent to tone the entire nerves and organs of the abdomen and pelvis, and also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. Aabab contains active ingredients like Argilla Vitriolutum and Quercus Infectoria which show results in terms of increased suppleness and tightening sensation within an hour of inserting the tablets inside the vaginal passage. The herbal formulation is gentle on the delicate inner parts of the female passage. What more, Aabab is affordable for the common man use and is available worldwide from the online site of Ayurved Research Foundation.

In the present scenario with the whole world reeling under the threat of asthma, cancer, new form of diseases and varied skin problems due to the use of synthetic or chemical medicines and supplements, this herbal supplement is an honest-to-goodness and power-packed elixir to your worries as to how to tighten the muscles of vagina.

Considering its grand success and acceptability, Aabab tablets are among of the best selling supplements in women’s health product line.

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