Robot "ralphie"..the robotic entertainment, special event superstar

Now that you’ve made your way through most of our website
(via the world wide web stratosphere), please bear in mind
that since “RALPHIE” is a totally unique entity,
he is therefore the ONLY such robotic attraction with his
very own website. He is particularly quite proud of this
achievement and he continuously revels in updating his site
as he makes new friends and works in different venues all
over the world. So, please continue to check-in periodically.


the most exciting, technologically sophisticated entertainment
robot ever built is now available for conventions, trade
shows, special events, films, advertisements, parties and
any place wanting a totally unique and charismatic attraction.

He can also easily be adapted
as a ” brand identifier” or “brand builder”;
a veritable goal of any savvy product marketer in a highly
competitive corporate America! “RALPHIE” can be
a captivatingĀ  “spokesrobot” in advertising
campaigns (backed up by public appearances), either for
a single occasion or a long term commitment. What a concept,

“RALPHIE” stands
a great looking five feet, six inches tall and weighs
185 pulsating pounds. Fully computerized and remote control
assistedĀ  by a CONCEALED, highly trained and highly
skilled operator who accompanies him on his world-wide
journeys (while utilizing sophisticated, synthesized,
wireless, TWO-WAY communication for audience verbal interaction),
“RALPHIE” walks and talks (walks the walk and
talks the talk), meets and greets, galvanizes and magnetizes
and converses in three languages (English, Spanish and

With his spontaneous, sharp witted
response and comedic voice interaction capabilities, people
actually think they’re talking to a living being! In fact,
“RALPHIE” is so animated and “lifelike”
that his creators, in order to deter any thought that
an actual human being is located inside of his outer “body
armor”, have incorporated in his makeup several mesmerizing
viewing windows. The purpose is not only to share hisĀ 
inner aesthetic, highly computerized and brightly illuminated
intricate electronics, but to dispell any evil rumors
that “RALPHIE” is not real (although he IS most
definitely UNREAL!)

His large, illuminated, revolving
eyes and his irresistible synthesized voice make him unforgettably
endearing to everyone of all ages. When he speaks, one can’t
help but be entranced by the 120 dazzling multi-colored,
mini-lights which outline his mouth, thus creating a spectacular
effect. This all adds up to an incomparable happening full
of laughter and good feeling for everyone.

This SuperStar of robots has
a rich, multi-colored, hi-contrast moving display sign that
runs across his chest offering theme and company messages
appropriate to the event at hand. Laser beam technology,
flashing strobe lights, sound effects and a superb on-board
CD system, with a wide variety of music, combine to make
“RALPHIE” the world’s first and only Multi Media

At trade shows, conventions
and corporate and stockholder meetings, “RALPHIE’S”
presence reveals his client’s company to be progressive,
resourceful, unique, innovative and imaginative (i.e.
his technique of delivering handouts/brochures etc., that
people tend to want to STASH, not trash, is truly innovative).
He is a technological masterpiece. By association alone,
this speaks volumes about a company’s product(s) or services.

“RALPHIE” always draws
a large crowd, usually three to four times, or more, the
normal trade show traffic. He is a great entertainer and
since the attendees are so intrigued and enamored of him,
a smooth, easy transitional “hand-off” by “RALPHIE”,
to on site company sales representatives, invariably culminates
in increased sales and leads. He is a true ice-breaker and
on many occasions, this proves to be the ultimate difference
between the proverbial “good” show and the proverbial
“bad” show (adages so well known to experienced
show exhibitors).


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