Comparison between metallic braces and new transparent braces invisalign

With the passage of time dentistry is becoming more sophisticated and more scientific. In past people don’t care of their displaced and misshaped arrangement of teeth in their jaws. But with the passage of time the need of arranging the displaced teeth was felt. In the response dentist orthodontist introduce the metallic braces which comprises of metallic wire and the metallic pads which force the displaced teeth in original position. In this way after the treatment of several months or some time several years teeth get arranged and present the good look.

This technique has served the people for decades and makes the faces smiling. However, during treatment patients has to suffer from various problems with this technique. Pain in teeth, difficulty in eating and unnatural look was the major problems which the patients have to suffer with this technique. In addition to that patient has to visit the dentist orthodontist frequently to get the braces adjusted according to the need. Due to these and many other problems a need of new technique was badly felt form years.

Fortunately, a new and improved technique is evolved in the form of transparent braces. It is the technique in which special type of transparent material is utilized to arrange and align the teeth in comfortable way. The main benefits of this technique are customizable, effective and align the teeth in natural way. In this technique specially tailored transparent braces are utilized which not only remove the unnatural look of metallic braces but also align the teeth in natural way.

However this technique could not produce the required results in severe situations. In the situation where the teeth have to be displaced at larger angle this techniques become less effective. Under such circumstances old metallic braces become the only option for the effective alignment of teeth.

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